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Just Talk

Perfection is the Devil (or any equally evil conception), so forget about it!
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Just remember: Being perfect does not make your life better.

Saying the perfect thing does not make your life better.  To make friends you need to make human mistakes!

Yes, it’s true, people love it when others make mistakes, it is a source of humor and an instant way to connect.  Saying the perfect comment for that moment will probably sound contrived, and will not win you sympathy.

Most importantly, you need practice! In the beginning (and for ever more) reward yourself for saying or doing ANYTHING social.

Now that you’ve said something ridiculously, amazingly crazy,

Reflect on what you said or did, and think, did it directly hurt anyone’s feelings? Did you say anything disparaging about anyone, that might do emotional damage? Physical damage?  Did you commit terrorist acts or encourage anyone to commit terrorist activities?  Did you commit crimes against humanity, or encourage anyone to commit crimes against humanity, such as genocide?  Did your comments or actions results in pain or injury to furry animals?

IF you answered no to all of these questions, what you said or did was exactly what you are looking for, congratulations you did it

Dale Carnegie’s Words of Wisdom

I highly suggest reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. I will soon post the main points I found the most poignant and relevant.


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